Fitness Coach Makes Over 10k Each Month (Client Interview With Julian Hierro)

I love that, yeah, definitely, you know, if, if you guys wanna, guys and girls, if you want to look better naked, you know, you can check him out.

I love that too, like, cause a lot of times people think they need to change their personality if they want to become an online coach. But, what we teach in FBM is more like, how to own yourself. And how to make yourself congruent, but a better version, a more professional version of yourself so you can actually make clients.

And, you know this whole get better naked thing is a funny and witty way you implemented that, and I love that. And, yeah, how are you doing in November so far? How much have you made now? Cause it’s almost end of November as I’m recording this video. — Yeah, so, so far November it’s been an 8k month. I think.

I haven’t been, even, in this for a year, so I haven’t, I don’t know exactly what happens in which time of the year. My hypothesis is that people don’t want to worry too much about fitness and dieting, nutrition, during the holidays.

So, my, I think November and December are gonna be kind of the lower months and then it’s gonna pick up again. — Yeah. Well, first off, November’s not over yet and we’ve had a client of ours that also reported 8k yesterday just like you. And today was just like, oh boom, I did crack the 10k this month again. So, you know, you still have a couple days left, that’s no problem. And, yeah, usually with fitness, January is really strong.

As you probably already guessed, cause all these, what is it called, New Year’s resolution people want to lose weight. So, January’s always one of the more stronger months, following after November and December. But, yeah, obviously, congrats from my side. Next steps are, you know, I’m gonna tease it a little bit for you, we’re gonna talk some more strategy very soon anyway.

Next steps are for you, yeah to start delegating a couple of things. It’s good that you’ve already hired a videographer slash photographer. And, yeah now, now is the time where we can start building a little bit more branding for you, right? I always, you hear me saying that over and over again. You hear me saying that on YouTube as well. Money first, then brand, right?

You’re a good example, you have the money now, and now we can start working on the brand. To automate the income, to have more people coming to you, et cetera et cetera. To make, just things more automatic and more passive. Now, Julian, I know you’re quite busy so I don’t want to waste that much more of your time.

Do you have anything else that you want to say for people watching right now? Any type of message? — Yeah, if you have a goal in life, find someone that’s already where you want to be that achieved that goal, and hire that person to help you out. Get a mentor. It’s the easiest way to accomplish your goals. — Love it.

Man, thanks for sharing that, and, oh, before I forget, the only reason why we’re doing this on Skype is, I actually invited you to come here to Kiev to hang out with us, to talk some more stuff in person, because I’ve never met you in person. But, due to scheduling, scheduling stuff, it didn’t work out. I’m actually traveling myself tomorrow, but, next year, come to Kiev, we’ll invite you to a party, we’ll go carding together.

Let’s do some epic stuff, and talk some more strategy in person. That being said, stay on the line real quick, if you also say you want to become successful as an online coach, as an online service provider, you’re inspired by Julian’s stories, or other stories from our clients. You want to take action, you really want to make happen, then you can literally jump on a free consultation call either with me directly, or with an expert from my team.

On our free consulting call, we’ll basically be looking at your situation, we’ll be looking at your goals, and we’ll be developing a step-by-step structure for you so you can also make it happen. You can be free, you can become your own boss.

And, all you have to do to do that is you click the link down in the description below, that link brings you to a page, you read what’s on that page because it’s important information for you to get started, and at the bottom of that page, you fill out the application and you can book the exact date and time where you want us to call you.

You do not need to have prior business experience. You do not need to even know what exactly it is that you want to be coaching, we can figure that out together with you on the call. It’s 100 percent customized and it’s also 100 percent for free, no hidden fees whatsoever. So if you already have a skill and you want to learn how to monetize it, this call is for you.

If you’re already making a little bit of money but not even close to enough, right? Similar to what Julian went through, and you want to scale it up or you want to do it more professional, more consistently, that call is for you as well. So, make it happen.

We have limited spots. More and more people, because, we’re not stupid too. We show you all these great results because we want to inspire more and more people to do that.

And obviously, more and more people jump on the opportunity to book these free calls so I recommend you take an action as soon as possible, before we’re full, before we can’t offer these spots anymore, these free calls. These spots for these free calls anymore, so. Maybe talk to you very very soon. Thank you so very much for watching, and GG.

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