Fitness Coach Makes Over 10k Each Month (Part 2)

And I’m happy that you’ve chosen that path as well. — Yeah Man, the way I see it, and a rule I set for myself is that, I’m only gonna listen to people that are where I want to be. So. I was getting advice from everyone around here, cause it’s a bunch of fitness coaches.

But, I was like, screw that, I’m not gonna listen to them, they’re not, they’re not making the amount of money I want. They don’t have the life I want, so, I’m just gonna do what Max and the team tells me to do, cause, they have the life that I want. They’re where I want to be. — Yeah. That’s nice Man, that sounds epic.

And, so, you’ve made over, you’ve made on average a little bit above 10k over the last three months. How, how does it affect your life, like, what are you doing with that money? Do you just save it up, or? — I’ve been saving part of it, I also hired a. I have a guy that’s driving for me, I hired a videographer. I’m just taking epic, weekend trips every weekend.

With my girlfriend, — (Max laughing) — so, yeah it’s given me more freedom and I can just go and book an Airbnb and don’t worry too much about the price. I can just go, pretty much to any place I want to without getting too concerned about money. — Sounds epic Man. Sounds epic. And on a side note, cause people will be asking, like what’s the next step now, Max?

Like, you know, if you’re talking to your client here and he’s doing so well, what’s the next step? Well, obviously, we’re gonna get you to more. Okay? We’re gonna get you to 25k a month. Like, 10k a month is always the baseline, right?

Well the base baseline is get your first paid client, and then, you know, repeat that process that got you the first client to get to 10k a month. And then, after that, 25k a month, 50k a month and so on, so forth. I love the fact that you’re already pouring some of it back into your business to make sure you grow. We’re gonna make sure you grow correctly.

We’re gonna make sure that you scale fast enough but not too fast. That it’s all safe and secure, and that it all works out. Now. Oh, on a side note too, do you have a big YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers or something like that? — I have 17 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I started it three weeks ago.

— (Max laughing) — And I have 3300 followers on Instagram. — Thirty three, so three thousand four hundred, that’s not a lot. Like, my cousin has more. And she’s, you know. — Yeah. — No, that’s great. So, I always want to mention that because a big big big misconception is, oh you need to have a big following, you need to be famous and stuff like that. Especially in your niche, by the way. Especially in getting people fitter, or, your know, building muscle and stuff like that.

The market is full of all these Instagram influencers that are posing with their eight packs and their pecks. And they have you know, check, check mark verified. Millions of followers. But at the end of the day, I bet that some of them are not even making as much money as you do. And most of them won’t make ever as much money as you’re about to make in the next coming months.

— Dude, I know people from my close circle that have 10 times, 20 times more followers than I do and they’re not making 10k a month. — Yeah. It’s crazy, and like especially now a days, like, all these influencers out there. Like, you know, I’ve mentioned this before, I’m gonna tell you as well. The more successful I became myself, the more I realized that everybody else has always been fake.

And I’m like, it’s really, it’s like it’s like it’s like, a real life slap in the face. Real world slap in the face. Dude like, I always thought that guy is crushing it, because I saw them on Instagram or YouTube. And it’s not. And you’re like, who the hell is real now a days? It is really, god damn crazy. So, how exactly are you, are you getting your clients? You said, often times people reach out to you and you DM them or something like that.

You wanna share a little bit of that? — Yeah, Man, most of the time, I, I have this little process that I use on Instagram to get clients. I post an image that usually gets people to raise their hand and say, I need help, and then I use the DM framework that you guys taught at the program. I use the exact DM framework you used on me. To get me on FBM. Like, they took.

The day after I joined, I just started using that framework. I was like, if you used it on me, like, it worked. So I’m gonna use it on other people. And, it’s worked wonderous since, since then. So, I do that. It’s been, referrals, it’s just been like a little bit of everything, honestly. — Sounds epic, sounds epic, yeah. That’s the funny thing, right? Because, like, I’m teaching things that I do myself.

Like, I don’t just pull out this knowledge out of my A. And be like, I’ve read it somewhere, like, that’s what, that’s why I said, that’s why I love the fact that you said, like, you using the DM from framework that I’m teaching. Because that’s also the DM framework that I used on getting you onto the program. Yeah, like, it works, you know? Like, I teach only things that work.

That work out of my own experience. And if there’s one thing I know in this world, I might not be the best in knowing how ads work, or I might not be the best in knowing about other business models like real estate or investment or whatnot, but there’s one thing I know how in this world and that is coaching.

You know, like how to get clients as a coach, and then later on, you know once you’ve got clients, how to scale it and build a brand from that. And, yeah, I mean, overall it’s really amazing that you’re smart and that you’re executing things properly, and. What is it exactly that you’re helping? What is like your exact private audience?

Is it, is it, men? Or is it people in general, or? — I do business professionals. I help business professionals get in the best shape of their life. That’s my USP. — Isn’t it like, on your Instagram it’s like look better naked or something like that? — Yeah, if you want to look better naked, just DM me. — I love that. 

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