A Vietnam veteran searches for the «unknown soldier» he saved 50 years ago on the battlefield.

The Vietnam War was something none of us wanted to deal with. Nonetheless, when drafted, men from all over the country stepped up to do their patriotic duty. The bond formed by war buddies is unparalleled. More powerful than glue and lasts longer than any other type of relationship.

Veterans have many stories to tell about their experiences in Vietnam. Some are good, some are bad, and some simply require closure. Being a war veteran is difficult, especially when stationed in an area where there is frequent gunfire.

Dale Edge was one of those veterans who had a comfortable life prior to being drafted. He was a farmer who had answered the call when he was drafted and made some good friends while in combat.

Fred Kjorlien was one of those comrades he now refers to as a friend and brother. However, they didn’t know each other very well during the battle. They were aware that they were in the same platoon and that they would have to rely on one another to survive in gunfights.

During one of those firefights, an RPG hit a tree close to Fred, causing him to lose his leg. Dale acted quickly. He went to Fred’s side without thinking and did everything he could to stop the bleeding before the medic-vac arrived.

Dale wondered if the man he had helped had survived his wounds over the previous 50 years. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, he was able to follow through on his desire to contact the man he once saved in Vietnam. And his desire paid off when he was able to contact Fred.

Vietnam veterans are a distinct breed. Our country’s Vietnam veterans have had some dramatic experiences. Such heartwarming stories pay tribute to a generation of great warriors who truly became a band of brothers.

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