Wonders of nature. 320-kilogram lion-tiger hybrid

If you travel a lot online or offline and believe you’ve seen everything, or almost everything, we’re here to surprise you with a wonderful creature.

Learn about the hybrid tiger and lion Apollo, the largest member of the feline family.

Despite his enormous size and weight of more than 300 kilograms, he has a gentle and affectionate demeanor.

And this giant became famous after a walk with animal rights activist and wildlife activist Michael Holston and Cody Antle in a small town in South Carolina.

These shots were posted on YouTube and immediately went viral, spreading throughout the network.

A former football player who became interested in this large cat joked, «Of course, the cat is wonderful, but how much does this 300-kilogram guy eat?»

Mike went on to say that this tiger’s teeth (a cross between a lion and a tiger) are the size of a man’s middle finger, his tongue is the size of his forearm, and its size and weight are twice that of tigers or lions.

Nature is really a powerful phenomenon, even if the hybrids are created by a human being, nature allows them to exist.

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