90% Of Viewers Couldn’t Spot The Difference Between These Pictures! But Can You?

How good at observing things are you? When someone gets a new haircut or new glasses, are you the first to notice? Or are you more aware of typos in magazines and bad Photoshop mistakes?

Test your skills in this ‘spot the difference’ challenge. We’ll start with easier photos and work our way up to more difficult ones. How long will it take you to catch all of the mistakes?

Spot the Difference in These 4 Photos

#1 Grocery Shopping

For a bonus challenge, time yourself as you try to spot the difference between these two illustrations. But don’t let the time limit pressure you! When you’re ready, scroll for the answer.

Answer: The bread in the basket is flipped

#2 Popcorn and Chips

For the next batch of photos, we go from illustration to photography. These beautiful and very delicious-looking photos at first may look identical, but there are actually seven differences between them. How many can you spot? When you are ready to check, scroll to find all seven of the differences circled.

#3 Craving Donuts

There are seven more differences to spot between these two photos. Beware: If you stare at these photos for too long, you might begin to crave donuts. Scroll when you are ready to check your answers.

#4 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Taking a break from food, here’s a stunning photo of hot air balloons. There are eight differences here to spot. How long does it take to find each one? Take your time before you scroll for the answers.

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