That is the type of charity on which these four billionaires spent nearly all of their money

Chuck Feeney, creator of Duty-Free

In 1988, Forbes magazine ranked Chuck Feeney 31st on its rich list, which was partly correct – by that time, Feeney’s wealth was no longer his. Feeney gave his money to various institutions and organizations anonymously – often, even the recipients were unaware of who their benefactor was, and sometimes even a non-disclosure agreement was taken from them. According to some estimates, the total amount of donations to his fund has already surpassed $6.2 billion. «I became convinced that giving money and seeing how something appears as a result of it – for example, a hospital – gives much more pleasure.» «It makes sense to invest money in good deeds rather than putting it in a bank account and letting it accumulate and accumulate,» says Feeney.

Brian Bernie, a former recruitment and construction company owner

Everything was going swimmingly for this millionaire until his wife was diagnosed with cancer. This had a significant impact on the tycoon, who was heavily involved in charitable work. He gave a large portion of his fortune to build an entire column of medical machines. These cars drove through small villages in northern England, providing patients with high-tech medical care. Brian Bernie paid the salaries of doctors out of his own pocket.

His wife recovered after years of fighting the disease. Brian Bernie sold most of his property and donated the proceeds to charity. Following that, he relocated to a small apartment above the headquarters of his charitable foundation in order to devote himself entirely to the fight against cancer. He now lives on a meager pension and drives an old car.

Saudi Royal Family member Prince Al-Waleed

The prince recently announced that he would donate his entire fortune to charity. First and foremost, he wishes to assist organizations that fight for women’s rights, as well as to support research into incurable diseases, assist victims of natural disasters, and promote a healthy lifestyle. The prince stated on Twitter that he had been given a lot and that he should share this gift with others.

Norwegian billionaire Olaf Thon

Olaf Ton planned to spend his entire fortune (about $6 billion) on financing medical research. He decided that it was better to use the money he earned during his life for a useful cause. “I won’t be able to take them with me anyway,” he explains. Olaf himself lives quite modestly. He is married, but he has no offspring. Therefore, he decided to donate all his wealth. “I have a bike and skis, but I don’t eat much. So, I think everything will be fine,” the former billionaire constantly repeats in numerous interviews.

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