The little puppy brother of House Kitty proves to be the perfect playmate.

Teddy, a male cat, shared a home with his owner Lana. She just chose to add a puppy to her family, Albi. The cat recognized him as his little brother the moment he saw him and was very welcoming.

Albi approached him and began sniffing at his new acquaintance. They soon bonded and began to play and follow each other around. They were both enamored with each other.

Throughout the first day, Teddy would approach Lana and snuggle with her, and Albi would follow. The cat soon began grooming the puppy. Their bond has grown stronger and stronger since then.

For the first few weeks, the house cat and puppy cuddled and groomed each other. Lana always discovered them curled up in a dog bed together after that, which she thought was adorable.

Albi grew in size, and the two would playfully fight with each other. When he was with Teddy, the puppy mistook himself for a cat. They would play all day, and they absolutely adored spending time together.

Albi would nibble on Teddy’s ears and bite at his collar. However, the patient-cat would just play along. The cat would just sit in one place, make little noise, and purr for a while. Lana believed that Teddy was a one-in-a-million cat.

Albi was also very fond of Lana and would follow his owner everywhere. He would even go to Lana’s workplace every day. However, when he returned home, the first thing he did was run to Teddy and give him kisses. After that, they would always be together as if they were soulmates.

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