The dog was stranded in the torrential rain, with no hope of rescue. But then it occurred.

Natalia was hurrying back home since it was pouring outside and she needed to get into a warm apartment as soon as possible.

On the way, she came across a dog resting on the tarmac in the pouring rain, and she wanted to hide and relax, so she curled up in a ball to keep warm.

The cold rain continued to pour and there was a feeling that tears were flowing from the dog’s sad eyes.

Natalia could not remain indifferent to the animal in such a state.

She approached the dog and looked at her and started to talk to her.

She asked if the dog would go with her, and the animal seemed to understand the girl’s words and quickly got up and followed her.

At home, she took the dog to a warm bath and in the process of bathing found traces of a carbine on her neck, so she tried to find the previous owners, but without success.

This even pleased Natalia, who had already managed to get attached to the pet.

She named the dog Bella and she got along very well with her poodle named Artemon.

Bella is incredibly smart, well-mannered, and affectionate and Natalia has never regretted taking her to her home.

Bella very quickly got used to living in a new apartment and she is very happy.

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