A pediatrician known as the «Baby Whisperer» uses a novel technique to soothe wailing babies.

Robert C Hamilton, MD, a famous doctor in Santa Monica, California, is causing a stir on the internet with a technique he devised to soothe crying babies.

He explains the difficulty that pediatricians encounter when caring for newborn babies: communicating clearly with the parents. Many babies cry a lot when they go to the pediatrician.

Dr. Robert Hamilton demonstrates «The Hold,» a method that can instantaneously quiet a wailing baby. Then he proceeds to the consultation room, where a few babies had recently received their immunization jabs.

The babies were wailing uncontrollably and needed to be soothed. Dr. Hamilton cradles the weeping infant in his arms. He folds his right arm and left arm together near the baby’s chest.

Following that, he softly holds the diaper region and gently rocks the infant up and down, comforting the child. Then he gently stirs the baby. Then he repeats the process on the other babies, with spectacular results.

The baby has stopped sobbing and appears to be calm. Dr. Hamilton, on the other hand, recommends that the baby be comforted at a 45-degree angle so that the person carrying the baby does not lose control of the child.

Even the chin must be supported to prevent the head from rolling backward. This approach is excellent for soothing crying babies and is one of the greatest ways to soothe children.

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