The most shining example of great willpower. What the legless girl has already accomplished in her life

This baby is proof that if you have a strong drive, you can do anything, no matter how difficult it is!

Today, we’ll introduce you to Paige Kalendin, a young gymnast who was born without legs but has gone on to achieve remarkable success in athletics.

Paige has been severely disabled from birth because she was born without legs.

However, the girl had been watching gymnasts’ sports achievements since she was a youngster, and her parents attempted to send her to the first training session.

That’s how it all began.

Paige initially studied to keep herself in shape, as having strong hands is vital due to her uniqueness.

But eventually, this pastime evolved into much more.

The girl is now eight years old and a member of the Ohio State gymnastics team.

«I feel that gymnastics is my vocation, and I will not quit doing it,» she stated.

«I’d like to continue training, develop programs, and compete in sports.»

The most crucial element, however, is the support of family members, the coach, and even teammates.

In addition, Paige is not only interested in gymnastics, she also does archery, swimming, and cheerleading.

Parents do everything to bring their daughter to all her favorite activities on time, they are happy that she smiles so much.

At such a young age, Paige is already seriously thinking about participating in the Paralympics.

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