Should you sleep or laugh? Millions of views for a happy baby fighting exhaustion

Sleeping, in contrast to adults, appears to be a tedious activity for children, which they attempt to avoid at all costs. A caring mother captured a real illustration of this occurrence on film, which had viewers all around the world in stitches.

Lisa Jones documented her lovely infant boy struggling to remain awake in the van. Lisa had no idea that her cute video would reach over 8 million viewers worldwide when she recorded it.

‘He just loves to smile at his mother.’ ‘How can you not be smitten by this little guy?’ Lisa wrote in the video’s description. When you read the comments left by individuals all across the world, it appears as if everyone agrees with Lisa.

The adorable infant boy in the video appears to be suffering from FOMO (The fear of missing out). He appeared to be battling happiness and exhaustion while sitting in a car in the baby seat.

With his stunning piercing blue eyes complementing his seductive smile, the infant is seen laughing and giggling. Soon after, it is evident that weariness is gaining the upper hand over the infant.

After laying down for a well-deserved slumber, the baby’s curiosity and drive to explore the world fight back. He is seen bouncing back to life, smiling and laughing as if nothing had occurred.

‘It’s just the most therapeutic thing to watch when you’re having a bad day,’ said one loving YouTuber, Sally Weathers. I adore this little boy and want to see more of him.’

When you examine the millions of views that this heartwarming video has received, it appears that Sally is not the only one who feels this way.

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