The bride couldn’t find her dreamy wedding dress, so she decided to make it by herself

The day when a girl gets married is a special moment in her life. A woman , Dana Wally Zayat, had fantasies of having an extravagant wedding and, of course, wearing a princess outfit. She was unable to find the dress that she envisioned herself wearing to her wedding—a garment that was both luxurious and breathtaking—and she really wanted to wear it.

After a thorough search, the young woman made the decision to hand-sew her own wedding dress, and she ensured that every facet of the garment was carefully considered.

She went shopping for all of the materials necessary to make the garment.

The girl labored on the garment for close to two months.

She accomplished what she set out to do.

Her dress was exquisite and beautiful.
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