The fiancé disappears during a picture shoot, and when the bride turns around, she finds him in the river

During a wedding photo shoot in Canada, a man dived into a river to save a boy.

It was the day Charles and Alina were married. Following the official ceremony, they were photographed along the park’s river.

Three children were playing in the area. I decided to follow them as they had been strolling along the shore.

When the photographer shot separate photographs of Alina, I realized they were the only two people left on the beach.’

When the groom saw a youngster in the water, he went to his rescue.

Thompson’s fast intervention saved the child’s life. The elder sibling took him home.

The boy’s rescue was documented by a photographer. He later posted the photographs on his Facebook page.

The actions of Alina Thompson’s fiancé did not surprise her.

She said he’d naturally behave that way. More people like this man are needed because they will go to any length to ensure that others are safe.

He is a true modern-day hero. What are your thoughts?

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