Woman paid one euro for buying three houses in Italy. But you’ll never believe how much it cost her to renovate it.

The years 2019 and 2020 saw the beginning of property sales in a number of Italian communities that were priced at only one euro. Around twenty-five different locations all throughout the United States have taken this step in order to revitalize towns whose resident populations are aging or decreasing as a result of people moving away.

Rubia Daniels was presented with an opportunity that she could not pass up.

In a world before COVID, a woman from California named Rubia Daniels has made the jump that so many of us have fantasized about. A lady from the United States came to Italy to get a better idea of the kinds of homes that are common there, and fortunately, she was pleased with what she saw.

«By the end of the day, I had purchased a ticket, booked a hotel, and rented a car, and I was prepared to go on this new adventure,» said the wife of the man who had found a post on the internet about residences and then shown it to the wife.

The American lady from California chose to purchase not just one but three homes in Italy rather than just one.

After arriving in Mussomeli (Sicily), Rubia immediately developed a strong affection for the city. She knew the language fluently and had always intended to spend her golden years in Italy.

People in Mussomeli are known for their warmth and friendliness, and the town itself is picturesque and steeped in history.

What use do the three homes serve for her? She made the decision to purchase them for her three children, which included two boys and one girl.

But you should be aware of the risks that could come with this kind of transaction.

If you want to purchase a property for one euro, Rubia claims that you have to realize that there are a lot of conditions attached to the deal. You should also be aware that the majority of the time, these homes have been severely neglected, and you should plan accordingly.

Rubia said that one of the conditions is that any necessary repairs must be made to the residence within three years. However, specifically in Mussomeli, is where she made her new home. In the event that you do not comply, you will lose the €5,000 deposit that you made.

How much money did she put out?

For his first house, Daniels has already spent more than $15,500 on labor and supplies, and he anticipates that it will cost him around $26,000, which is the typical price for the region.

According to her estimates, the total amount that she would have to pay for all three homes would be around $93,000.

But Rubia has no regrets about the transaction. Even though the renovations cost a lot, two of her favorite things about the property are the history of the old building and its beautiful architecture.

The epidemic did not significantly impact his strategy in any way. As a result, she has high expectations that the city will prolong the time during which repairs may be made.

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