This modern cave house is a man’s life long dream and here is how it looks inside

Do you imagine life in a cave?

Grant Johnson, on the other hand, lives in a cave and is far from stupid. In reality, his desert retreat that isn’t connected to the grid is almost 5,000 square feet of beautiful craftsmanship, including a music studio and modern design.

In his twenties, Johnson relocated to Utah and purchased a huge plot of property. The region would eventually be designated as a national monument, but his plot is an inholding, which keeps it private and allows him to develop it as he sees appropriate.

And, despite the fact that the vast cave home he spent 20 years creating is off-the-grid, he discovered a method to provide running water and power for all of the contemporary creature amenities. On Airbnb, you can even rent a separate room inside the complex!

One tenant raved about their stay:

«There is no place on Earth like Boulder Home.» It is one of the contemporary world’s wonders: a completely working, updated home carved inside a massive boulder. The drive over the creek to get there was safe yet exciting. The horses and cows that surrounded the property were adorable, and the vistas in every direction were breathtaking. Don’t pass up your opportunity to stay here! »

He went to Moab for education when he was 17 years old. In addition to his studies, he enjoyed hikes and worked in the town’s mines when he wasn’t in school. It took no time for him to prefer nature over city life.

«I became interested in stables, Indian ruins, and I became more and more immersed in the woods.» Then I didn’t notice anything new. Nothing was read. «I totally forgot about it,» he said to Tiny House Giant Journey.

He wanted to live off the grid and located a place in the canyons to cultivate and produce his own food. The end result was his vast cave house, which he could not have imagined decades earlier.

He didn’t simply need basic tools to pull this off; he required explosives. At first, he questioned his ability to bring the elements together and make the area comfortable. Regardless, he went for it. But it wasn’t a fast procedure.

«It motivates people.» That surprised me a lot. And this is the case. »

This fantastic alternative house has surely inspired us!

Watch the video below for additional tour footage and an interview with Johnson!

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