Do you remember Robinson’s beautiful friend, Friday? Here is how she looks now

The most well-known movie version of Daniel Defoe’s book is the comedy «Senor Robinson,» which was made in Italy.

All the guys were envious of the main character, portrayed by Paolo Villaggio, since he had obtained an uncommonly wonderful Friday — Zeudi Arai as an accomplice.

She triumphed in a stunning challenge. «Miss Ethiopia» initially received an offer to perform in commercials, and after relocating to Rome, doors to Italian cinema opened for her.

Little is known about the individual existence of the performer. Zeudi was widowed in the 1990s, and maybe this loss was an appropriate excuse for her departure from the calling. She began creating and married for the second time after two years.

Fans agree that Zeudi Araya looks fantastic for his age of 70. Furthermore, it is difficult to refute them.

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