When the boy opened his backpack, he couldn’t believe his eyes

You may easily discover a way to brighten someone’s day if you look hard enough.

Unfortunately, most of the time we’re lost in our own worlds, too preoccupied with our own problems to see what others are going through. Sofi Cruz, a young kid from South Carolina, recently got the chance to assist someone—and she did not pass it up.

The teenager said in a Facebook post that she was talking with her best friend Jaheim when he said something that caught her off guard.

The statement itself wasn’t very notable, but something about it lingered with Sofi for the following four days. «For the last week and a half, I’ve been planning on doing something special for a dear friend of mine,» she wrote. Jahiem is his name. »

«I’ve known Jahiem since he was in Mrs. Dragotta’s third grade class.»

«He has always been the kid that completes all of his work on time, never skips school, is constantly assisting the instructor with things in class, and is always a joyful human being.»

Last week, not wanting to seem ‘in-need,’ Jahiem begged, ‘Can someone get me a pair of shoes?’ I dislike mine, and I’m a [size] 10–11.

«I’ve always wanted to give him something but never had the money or the confidence to do it,» the adolescent stated.

However, with the support of her family and a new job, Sofi put her surprise into action this time.

«Since I got a job and have been working so hard, I saved up and bought him a pair of shoes the following day.» My Grandaddy also assisted me. »

The considerate Sofi surprises Jahiem in the following video, which has been shared thousands of times on social media and shown on media stations around the country.

Sofi enters the classroom with a rucksack and approaches her unwitting companion.

Sofi informs Jahiem that she and he have known each other for a long time and that he is a particular friend to her. She says that she’s been wanting to do something kind for someone since she got a job, and she decided it would be him.

«This is for you,» she adds as she places the backpack on his desk.

In the video below, you can see Jaheim’s response!

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