Tears of patriotism flow as Alan Jackson performs «America the Beautiful»

Alan Jackson is a major star in country music. In a magnificent patriotic ode to our nation, he gives his amazing voice to the timeless classic, «America the Beautiful.»

The song starts quietly, with just guitar and keyboard accompaniment. Alan is dressed in his trademark cowboy hat, a red collared shirt, pants, and boots. The first verse’s opening tones are presented with respect.

A fiddle, three guitars, and two pianists are included in the performance. The stage is lit up with flashing red and blue lights, while American flags hang in the backdrop. Alan is seated on a stool, singing with energy.

When he sings, «Thine alabaster cities glitter,» there is a video of a city followed by farmland with a lake. It continues to display images of the sky, rivers, waterfalls, and other natural wonders.

Alan shuts his eyes and places his palm on his heart as he sings the song’s last lyrics, «And crown thy good with brotherhood from the shining sea.»

Katharine Lee Bates wrote «America the Beautiful,» which was initially designed as a poem named «Pikes Peak.» It was published in a religious publication on July 4, 1895. Samuel A. Ward wrote the music for the poetry, and the first performance of the whole song was in 1910. Bates and Ward had never met.

While Alan Jackson is better known for his songs such as «Chattahoochie» and «Remember When,» his passionate performance of the hymn honoring America is one of the finest ever. Alan’s voice has never sounded better on a song, and the band works together to create an unforgettable rendition.

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