Everyone is shocked by how this little boy could rescue 13 people from a burning house

Jayden Espinoza, 5, was dubbed a true hero by Chicago firefighters. The boy was smart and quick, so he was able to tell the people in the house about the fire and save 13 lives.

The fire started early in the morning at one of the residences in the Chicago suburbs. For some unexplained reason, the smoke alarm did not operate, and the inhabitants of the home slept, oblivious to the danger that faced them. Jayden was the only one who did not sleep. The child and his two sisters had come to see his aunt the day before and, obviously, were unable to sleep well in a new environment.

Whatever it was, Jayden got out of bed, dressed, and walked outside.

«And then I noticed that smoke was flowing from the windows on the second floor, and flames were escaping.» It is just astonishing that a very tiny kid did not hesitate and chose the best option. He returned to the home and woke up all the family, who were still sleeping in the early hours of the morning.

Tracy Espinoza, the boy’s mother, was shocked to find that her kids and other family members had been almost burnt alive. After she had calmed down, she said that her kid waking up so early and waking the others was a divine inspiration.

When the media questioned Jayden how he knew to raise the alarm, he grinned and responded, «Because I’m extremely clever!»

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