Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Her Chic New Summer Haircut with Pride!

On Instagram, celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan accompanied a photo of himself with longtime customer Jennifer Aniston by writing, «Nothing better than a new summer cut.» McMillan and Aniston are shown together.

Never has a truer statement been stated. The warmer months need hair that has a light and natural feel to it, as well as hair that can be worn precisely as it is without requiring a lot of extra work.

When Jennifer Aniston and Terry McMillan got together a week ago, McMillan gave her precisely that type of haircut. McMillan trimmed uneven layers into her hair that was around shoulder length to accentuate her natural texture. The end result was a style that, according to McMillan, «does the job for her.» According to what he said in the caption below the photo, «A decent haircut should do the job so you can simply wash and wear your hair natural for the summer.»

The hairdresser also said that one of Aniston’s go-to products to help boost natural texture is the Glossing Detangler by Lolavie, which is her own brand of hair-care products. The Glossing Detangler is one of the items that the hairstylist recommended for Aniston. It is 99% natural and does not include any silicones, sulfates, or parabens in its formulation. Additionally, it has a superfruit complex, vegetable ceramides, and chia seeds, all of which work to smooth, increase shine, prepare, and protect the hair. The ideal complement to gorgeous hair throughout the summertime.

Check out Jennifer Aniston’s fresh new look for the summertime below! It’s possible that you’ll be motivated to locate a fresh new look for the warmer months.

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