Grandma’s 90th birthday is being honored with a princess-themed party; check out her gorgeous photos here!

This grandmother dressed up like a «princess» for the day to celebrate her 90th birthday!

The family’s adored grandmother, lovingly known as «G-Ma,» honored her ninth decade with a lavish feast. The delighted grandmother looked like a queen in a pink tutu and a plastic crown for her birthday photoshoot, all smiles for the camera.

G-relatives Ma had adorned her face with a throne, cake, balloons, and cookies. They also created a t-shirt for her that said, «It took me 90 years to look this great!»

Stephanie Perkins, Ma’s G-granddaughter, devised the idea of a princess-themed photo session. It took her two and a half weeks to get everything ready for the 24th of April.

«My grandma is really important to me, and we didn’t get to see her very much throughout the epidemic and quarantine,» Stephanie remarked. «I knew her 90th birthday was coming up, and we wanted to do something special for her.»

They were all vaccinated, so they felt safe celebrating G-special Ma’s birthday with her.

Stephanie had seen photoshoots for first birthdays and even 30th birthdays on the internet and thought it would be great if G-Ma could do the same for her 90th birthday.

Fortunately, G-Ma was game!

«She was pretty thrilled to pose and do anything we asked her to,» Stephanie said. «She was happy and giggling the whole time.» «We all had a lovely time paying tribute to G-Ma.»

G-princess Ma’s birthday images were taken at Reynolds Gardens in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, by photographer Melissa Denny, 37, who went to high school with Stephanie.

«We had a fantastic night chatting, laughing, and dancing—G-Ma was such a good sport and ready for everything,» Melissa continued. «She has a lovely, upbeat personality, and she can get off of a chair quicker than I can!»

«Her family loves her; they were all so happy and laughing with her,» she said.

When asked whether she was interested in participating in the shoot, Melissa stated her desire to do so.

«What a fantastic chance to spend time with a nice, 90-year-old, amazing person, exchanging memories and celebrating her landmark birthday,» she said.

G-Ma was joined in the session by her daughter, Debra, her son-in-law, and two grandchildren. Everyone came to her party and was in numerous of the photos.

Stephanie said that their whole family rejoiced with G-Ma since she is the family matriarch.

«She is so dear to all of us, and we all wanted to be there to witness her shine on her big day,» she said.

On the day of the shoot, a group of prom-goers stopped over to wish G-Ma a good birthday. The celebrant was touched by their generosity.

The photo session was simply the beginning of G-birthday Ma’s celebration. The grandmother also hosted a drive-thru celebration the following day, so her other friends could safely wish her a happy birthday.

Here are some more pictures of G-Ma in her pink tutu.

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