A rich teenager from Dubai is surrounded by luxury and is not afraid to show it. Here is how he lives

With the snap of his fingers, this 15-year-old receives anything he desires. His life is considerably different from that of typical children. Rashid was born into the family of building magnate Saif Ahmed Belhas. They are residents of Dubai.

The teen attends a prestigious school. The instructors go out of their way to make him feel at ease. Rashid is the family’s youngest member, and he will not receive his father’s whole riches. But his dad is nonetheless aware of his pet’s whims. They live in a castle, not a home!

A few years ago, a child dreamed of owning his own zoo. And they built him a zoo near his house. Rashid refers to it as «the farm.» Enclosures house rare creatures. A «farm» costs the same as a small country’s yearly budget. The kid is especially fond of tigers, leopards, and lions.

Celebrities have been asked to visit Rashid after learning about his odd menagerie. And he doesn’t care who shows up. This is the responsibility of the teen’s private assistant. Rashid posts photos on his Instagram feed on occasion. It has a total of 1 million and 600,000 followers.

Rashid rose to prominence when fashion blogger Vitaly Zdorovetskiy paid a visit to the zoo. Rashid had five times as many subscribers after writing about the menagerie. The gentleman is displeased with the invasion of celebrities. He is bored and doesn’t have time to meet everyone.

However, sports stars Ronaldo and Messi, artists Jackie Chan and Paris Hilton, singer Mariah Carey, and others were able to visit. Running is another hobby of young Belhas. Rashid’s elder brother Abdullah once purchased an extremely costly Yeezy. Rashid wanted to amass a collection of shoes. He had 200 pairs in his collection by the end of the first year. Abdullah assists his younger brother’s company.

It promotes and sells high-end sports shoes and accessories. The boy claims his father thought his kid was strange after seeing how many shoes he brought home from France. However, the son informed his father that it was a wise investment. Rashid enjoys automobiles as well. There are many of them.

But he plays with them as long as he is tiny and is not permitted to drive a vehicle. Decorate them with various logos. So, on the Cadillac, the Yeezy footwear logo. The red Ferrari is emblazoned with the words «Supreme x Louis Vuitton.» Rashid has a dream: to leave school as soon as possible and open the country’s largest shoe shop. He wants the whole nation to be proud of him, as well as his father.

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