At the age of 3, the world’s youngest DJ earns the Golden Buzzer!

At first glance, it seems that a three-year-old kid cannot win a national talent show. Although he is too small and given the normally difficult nature of the work, the young Arch Jr DJ was able to prove the opposite and exhibit his tremendous skill as a DJ.

Young Orathilwe Khlongwan’s performance on ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ generated quite a stir for a variety of reasons. Hlongwan has shown extraordinary skill in his chosen subject from the start, but what’s more—and this proved to be the crucial factor—he achieved it while still a child. In the battle for the title of South Africa’s most exceptional talent, Oratilve overcame other artists who were substantially older than him, but it turned out that they were less talented than him.

Many people remember «Tiny Tina» (Tiny Tina) from «Young Talent Time» in 1976 or «Drummer Jagger» (Jagger the Drummer) from «Australia’s Got Talent.» This kind of tournament is frequent for young talents. Comparing Hlongvan to the bulk of the candidates would be pointless since even these youthful talents were three times his age. Ortilve generated a commotion, and as a consequence, many people believe he has a bright future. He’s been branded «the greatest thing since banana puree» and likened to Justin Bieber.

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