No one could have imagined that this autistic boy would surprise the judges and drive the crowd to tears

There are several music shows on television. And it is via them that we occasionally get to glimpse hidden skills that we would not have seen or heard of otherwise.

We like seeing the children in these presentations. It is commendable to watch their bravery as they walk across the large platform and sing in front of so many people—not to mention the possibility that we are seeing the birth of a celebrity at that precise moment.

Calum Courtney, 10, is a joyful youngster with an angelic voice. Calum has autism as well.

Calum never quits, even when things are difficult. Despite his youth and autism, he refused to give up.

Calum has always enjoyed singing. And he just decided to try out for the iconic TV program Britain’s Got Talent. His family was there to support him through his difficult journey.

Calum took his time walking onto the platform and introduced himself to the judges and the crowd. But will he be able to handle the pressure and sing freely in front of so many people?

Calum responded negatively when one of the judges inquired whether he was stressed. As Calum’s family stood on the sidelines, the legendary judge Simon Cowell was suspicious at first.

However, as the 10-year-old opened his lips, the judges knew he was a one-of-a-kind child.

Calum turned out to be a tremendous celebrity! A loud voice was concealed within the young boy’s body.

Listen to Calum’s performance in the video below, and don’t forget to watch the judges’ evaluation at the conclusion to see Calum’s reaction. It’s difficult not to be affected by it.

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