The bride doesn’t let her sister attend her wedding after discovering her ‘backstabbing’ messages…

A young woman sought help after making the difficult choice to exclude her own sister from her approaching wedding. According to the soon-to-be married woman, whom we’ll name Lena, her religious family has long opposed her relationship with her same-sex partner, as detailed in her popular Reddit post. While her whole family was at first critical of her, Lena claimed that they «finally got supportive after they saw I wouldn’t change.»

Nonetheless, the young lady was compelled to break ties with some toxic relatives and aunts after they continually opposed her sexual orientation. Lena and her partner decided to marry as their relationship grew, and Lena invited her sister, whom we’ll name Karen, to be her maid of honor. The family cheered as the sister agreed.

The happiness, however, did not last long. Just weeks before her wedding, Lena was contacted by her other sister, who informed her that Karen had been gossiping about her behind her back to her friends. «My maid of honor had been speaking between her group chats about how absurd this wedding notion was.» The texts began as simple jokes but progressed to calling me and my » the bride revealed!

«She said things like, ‘This generation has gotten too tolerant,'» «I’m the only one in my family who understands what’s right any more.'» Following her sister’s and maid of honor’s awful comments, Lena immediately phoned Karen and refused to let her attend her wedding. «She was claiming I overreacted since what occurred in her group chat is entirely her concern,» Lena said.

The bride went on to claim that her family is split over the choice, with her other sister and father backing her and her mother saying she overreacted. Lena has subsequently sought counsel on how to deal with her position before her late-September wedding. Soon after, the bride got a lot of support from individuals who encouraged her to permanently remove her poisonous sister from her life.

It’s clear that this situation has deeply affected Lena and has sparked strong reactions from others who can empathize with her position. The consensus seems to be that maintaining a relationship with someone who harbors such negative sentiments towards her marriage is untenable.

Many feel that cutting ties with toxic family members, even if it’s difficult, is necessary for one’s own well-being and peace of mind. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision for Lena to make, but it’s encouraging to see her receiving support and validation from others who believe she deserves better treatment from her family.

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