I have to check myself because I’ve been so blinded by society;Williams said

Serena Williams spoke on the inaugural edition of Archetypes, Meghan Markle’s podcast about the «labels and clichés that aim to keep women back.»

Williams, a Markle friend, spoke specifically about her complicated relationship with ambition as a female superstar athlete whose career was created «in the middle of a society that, how shall we put it, doesn’t exactly celebrate successful women, much less ambitious Black women,» in Markle’s words.

«I have to examine myself because society has blinded me,» Williams stated. Or what do I think about successful women? When women are ambitious, when we have goals, or when we achieve our objectives, there is a negative connotation to how we achieve them. »

She mentioned the «double standard» that has been imposed on female athletes like her against their male colleagues. «I can’t win as someone else; I have to win as Serena.» «And sometimes that’s more ferocious,» she laughed. «But is it ferocious when the men shout ‘come on’ and pump their fists?» It’s amazing, but it’s too ‘aggressive’ for me. » She recalls reading an article in which a male athlete was described as «passionate,» while it was said that Williams had a nervous breakdown. «I was thinking, hey, how am I going to have a meltdown?» But this man is fervent. »

Williams, a mother of a 4-year-old daughter, also mentioned the many ways she gets asked about being a parent. «They often ask me, ‘How do you reconcile motherhood and work?’ My husband, too, is always talking about it. «They never ask me that,» he said.

In an open letter in Vogue earlier, Williams announced her retirement — what she terms an «evolution» away from tennis to concentrate on her family and business interests — in an open letter, a move she said she had discussed with Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, prior. Her article was quite frank in discussing the sorrow and heartbreak of choosing to retire from tennis. However, on Markle’s podcast, she voiced a more optimistic view of retirement.

«My whole existence and my entire life has been for one goal,» Williams said to Markle. «It’s wonderful to sort of not do that anymore, right?» I’m pretty excited about it. To be honest, I can’t wait to wake up one day and not have to worry about competing or performing at such a high level. »

In a kind of goodbye to her supporters, she continued, «I love them more. All the support that I’ve had over the years, I couldn’t have ever dreamed of it.» Hearing folks so excited and passionate. I’m from Compton. I never imagined it would be me, you know? I was the youngest of five children in a two-bedroom house. And having folks who are really supportive and present has been the most incredible experience and the most incredible trip.

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