It was «stolen without our consent and sold for money.» Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is well-known for her ability as a performer, but that doesn’t imply that every performance she does is for public consumption. When the «Marry Me» singer arranged a special serenade for her and new husband Ben Affleck’s Georgia wedding reception on Aug. 20, she intended to keep it hidden for a long. However, the tape was released on the internet on August 26, and Lopez has said that she did not approve of its publication.

As the video and pictures circulated on social media, Lopez saw an Instagram post on a fan account inquiring if the video was intended to be uploaded or not. The Hustlers’ actor seems to have chosen to put an end to the discussion once and for all. «This was stolen without authorization.» «Period,» she said in part in a remark that was screenshotted and uploaded by the account. «And whoever did that exploited our private moment.»

Lopez continued by saying that she and Affleck had taken efforts to avoid such leaks, such as having individuals sign non-disclosure agreements and asking attendance not to share wedding information. «I’m not sure where you’re getting it from since we had ndas and requested everyone not to post anything from our wedding,» she said.

Lopez desired to have her privacy respected, as well as the ability to determine what became public and when. «That is our decision to disclose,» she said. «Anything I put out in private is OnTheJLo, and it’s for my followers to see.» Which I’ll do when I’m ready. » She said the film was «taken without our permission and sold for money.»

It’s natural that the couple values their privacy so much. During their early-2000s romance, they experienced intense public scrutiny, prompting them to cancel their first wedding in 2003. «When we found ourselves really considering hiring three distinct ‘decoy brides’ at three different places, we understood something was wrong,» they stated at the time in a statement to ABC. «We started to suspect that the spirit of what should have been the best day of our lives was in trouble.» We were concerned that what should have been a wonderful and meaningful day may be ruined for us, our families, and our friends. »

This time, the reunited pair has taken further precautions. Lopez and Affleck married in Las Vegas on July 16 in a very private ceremony before their ceremony in Georgia. Only then did she announce their news (through her «On the JLo» blog, of course) and said it was the «greatest night of [their] life.»

Wedding updates and highlights are still on the way, so fans can expect them whenever the couple is ready to release them.

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