You will be shocked when you find out why passengers praised a man for refusing to swap seats so that the family could sit together

While flying reduces travel time, it can be a contentious experience. Everyone likes to sit near the window or among their friends and family. While this is completely acceptable in some instances, it is not in others. When flying, most people get overly entitled, resulting in squabbles with other passengers over seat assignments. A passenger mentioned in a recent r/AITA post that he had stood his position in such a quarrel. He wondered now, as the family who had clashed with him over the seat cursed him, if he had done the right thing by refusing to give up the seat.

As soon as I stepped onto the plane, a family of four approached me and asked if I might move seats. Normally, I’d be fine with that, but switching spots would require me to move back 20 seats down, which would be inconvenient and waste my money. I declined and stated that I wanted to keep my seat. The woman told me I was being a jerk and that I should just give up my seat so she could sit with her husband and children. «Respectfully, ma’am, your travel problems are not my concern,» I said. «I’m retaining the seat I paid for.»

On Reddit, a passenger is praised for not catering to entitled passengers.

Despite understanding the predicament, the wife’s husband claimed that it would have been preferable to simply compromise a little. However, the wife definitely created an unnecessary spectacle. Perhaps you should have booked ahead of time, or paid more money on tickets so you could all sit together,» OP responded. This is not my problem. Grow up and move on. I’m not changing seats. «The end of the narrative!» Nonetheless, the traveler remained, wondering whether he had done the right thing in this situation. So, what exactly did r/AITA say?

Whether it was really about seating together, why didn’t they ask the people 20 rows back if they’d like the nicer seats upfront? One user, u/Kuchi Kopi 49, said «They’d be together again. » One user, u/Rude-Dog2559, said, «They never do that!» It’s always about the better seats. »

«Um, as someone who paid for seats so myself and my kid and hubby could be together, only for that flight to be canceled and on another flight was offered trash seats, it’s not always that the parent didn’t pay,» another user u/cagitsawnothing said. It is sometimes the airline that makes a mistake. » «I wonder if the husband thought it would have been easier to just give up the seat…why didn’t he give his own seat to his wife?» said another u/tildelid. One commenter appropriately remarked: «Enablers always marry narcissists.»

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