Sarah Jessica Parker was seen in her natural state and was obliged to explain her gray hair after online criticism

Sarah Jessica Parker has been an icon for many years. The woman has a large fan base and a successful career as a fashion icon and an award-winning actress. She is now 57 years old and has become renowned for a different reason: her struggle to allow women to age. When the internet went crazy over her gray hair in 2021, she clapped back in the greatest, most age-positive way she could.

In 2021, a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker eating lunch with her pal and fellow actor Andy Cohen went viral. However, due to the two stars in the photo, the photo did not go viral. Rather, it became viral because of SJP’s hair. The 57-year-old actress had gray and white hair. These roots were not done on purpose by the salon, but rather were the result of natural aging.

Needless to say, the internet nearly crashed. Many others said she appeared ancient with her gray hair and wrinkles. While there were some encouraging remarks, the most focused on how Sarah Jessica Parker had «let herself go.»

«There’s so much misogynist backlash in response to us that it would never happen.» Happen. «About. A. Man,» she told Vogue in an interview. «Gray hair, gray hair, gray hair.» Is her hair graying?’ I’m seated next to Andy Cohen, who has a full head of gray hair and is quite stunning. Why is it acceptable to him? I don’t know what to say to you! Particularly with regard to social media. Everyone has a point of view. ‘ She has too many wrinkles and not enough wrinkles.’ It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be completely content with where we are, as if they almost love our being unhappy with who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not look great, or whether we do something to make ourselves feel better. I’m aware of how I appear. I don’t have a choice. So, what am I going to do? Can you stop aging? Disappear? »

Andy Cohen was completely behind Sarah Jessica. He agreed with her that all the disparaging remarks about her graying hair and wrinkles were misogynistic. He was, after all, sitting right next to her, with a full head of white hair and his own wrinkles. Nobody mentioned his appearance; everyone was solely concerned with Parker’s.

«She’s seated next to me… and all the articles are about Sarah Jessica Parker going gray and looking ancient. That was insane. » «Everyone completely missed the mark,» he remarked. «It was misogynistic, and she was completely correct.»

Sarah Jessica Parker claims that she is a busy woman who does not have time to visit her roots every two weeks. She has endured months of people calling her «brave» after being photographed and seen out with her gray hair. She believes that needs to end—it’s not brave, it’s just regular aging.

«It became months and months of talking about how brave I am to have gray hair,» she explained. «I was thinking, Please, please appreciate someone else’s bravery on something,» she explained.

Sarah Jessica Parker also wonders why she has to spend so much time worrying about her aging hair and skin. She understands that growing older is a privilege. It’s also unavoidable. The only way to avoid aging is to die early, which she is unwilling to do. She also rejects the concept that gray-haired and wrinkled women are less valuable than younger women. She claims to be better than ever as a middle-aged woman.

We spend so much time talking about the accumulation of time spent adding up in wrinkles, but we never say it adds up to being better at your career, better as a friend, better as a daughter, better as a partner, better as a caregiver, better as a sister,» she noted.

As many legendary Hollywood actresses age, there is a greater push than ever for the inclusion and acceptance of older women. Even though they have greater experience, many of them do not want to be rendered obsolete or limited to specific types of roles. They feel that tales about women in their 40s, 50s, and so on should be told, and they believe that they can still be leading ladies.

The latest episode of the legendary sitcom Sex and the City aims to do just that.

«There were a lot of great replies when we revealed And Just Like That… but one snarky response online was people sharing photographs of the Golden Girls.» And I was like, ‘Wow, so you’re either 35 or retired and living in Florida.’ «There’s a missing chapter here,» producer Michael Patrick King explained.

«I like that we’re not attempting to make the show look younger.» «We’re not including, say, a 21-year-old niece,» co-star Cynthia Nixon agreed.

«I think doing a show about middle-aged women with their aging lady bodies is innovative,» said staff writer Samantha Irby.

We can’t wait to see more of Sarah Jessica Parker, gray hair and wrinkles and all.

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