A flight attendant saved a girl on the plane from a human trafficker

The incredible story of how a flight attendant saved a distressed teenage girl from a human trafficker 

A flight attendant’s instincts saved the life of a teen girl, keeping her from becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Shelia Frederick was on a flight when she spotted a man and an adolescent girl acting strangely as she approached them. The girl never looked Frederick in the eyes, and the man always answered her inquiries.

«He was well-dressed, and that’s what drew me in, because why is he well-dressed and she’s untidy and out of sorts?» Frederick told WTSP. «Something in the back of my mind told me something was wrong.»

Frederick managed to tell the girl to go to the restroom under her breath. When the girl did this, she discovered a letter written for her in the mirror.

«She wrote in the message that she needed assistance,» she explained.

Frederick informed the pilot about the girl, and the pilot informed the authorities. Frederick eventually prevented the girl from becoming a victim of human trafficking.

«I’ve been a flight attendant for ten years, and it’s like I’m going back in time to when I was in training, and I was like, I could have seen these young ladies and young males and didn’t even know,» she explained.

Frederick claimed she’s spoken to the youngster a few times since the trip since she wrote her phone number on the note and the girl remembers it. The young lady is currently enrolled in college.

Flight attendants are educated to recognize indicators of human trafficking, which is how Frederick realized the girl was in a potentially dangerous situation.

«If you see something, report it,» she said.

Many readers commended the flight attendant for her bravery.

«I’m so glad the flight attendant saw it as her duty to save the girl,» one reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page in reaction to the news. «She’s amazing, and I’m delighted she did.» I hope the sicko pays for his actions. Many older guys do this, and it is merely one of a few ailments in our culture today. Sad!!! »

«I am outraged but grateful that this flight attendant took the necessary action to get this girl to safety,» another remarked. «I’m outraged that adult men are doing this to young girls and boys.» He should be castrated and hung till he dies. »

«It’s well worth it, and I’m proud of you for being on top of safety for youngsters in dangerous situations; you’re clearly a decent human being,» said another.

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