The skater seems still, but when the music begins to play «Hallelujah,» the entire room bursts into tears

This is one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen.
Many of us can’t even stand on the ice on our skates, let alone skate about. Taryn Jurgensen, on the other hand, is a very different tale. Since she was a youngster, her life has centered around the ice. She is really talented on the rink every day.

She’s definitely on top of her game in this video. She shrugs off her anxiety and skates out onto the ice, waiting for the music she has been practicing to start. Did you know that ice skating wasn’t invented until the middle of the nineteenth century before we saw her amazing performance?

Yes, humans have been skating on frozen lakes and ponds for generations, but it didn’t truly take off as a sport until then. Not only that, but the skating technique was rather uninteresting until Jackson Haines took to the rink in 1862. People called him the «Father» of modern figure skating because he understood how important elegant, flowing movements are in the sport.

After word of his revolutionary approach spread in the 1890s, the International Skating Union was formed. Ice skating has subsequently grown in popularity. It has garnered enormous global appeal and is one of the most-watched Olympic events.

Taryn was drawn to the Los Angeles Showcase by the great sensation of freedom on the ice, as well as the exhilaration of performing. Taryn demonstrated her great talent while skating to Alexandra Burke’s «Hallelujah.» You won’t believe how well she can skate and dance.

Taryn executed each hop and pirouette expertly. She is really skilled at what she does on the rink. This is the routine that earned her the Funakoshi Trophy. We can see why!
When the judges saw her on the ice, they were astounded by so many things. She exudes elegance and composure that is captivating to see. Her ice talents are really perfection in motion. This video alone has received millions of views and counting!

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