Even though her family was against it, this single mom had her first baby at the age of… You’ll be surprised to learn more…

People were surprised when a woman from Sussex, England, gave birth to a girl at age 50. Her actions got different reactions from her family and people online.

Kelly Clarke has spent her whole life making memories and working to reach different goals in her career. She managed a terminal at an airport and met famous people like Princess Diana and Kate Moss.

But when she turned 50, she felt greatest joy. She gave birth to a baby girl named Lyla Rae Clarke, and she said it was the best thing she ever did. Even though she was sure she could be a single mom at her age, not everyone agreed with her choice.

The Path That Led Her To Motherhood

Kelly had the intention of starting a family from the very beginning, but she could never find the perfect partner. She had a hectic work schedule, so she decided to go in a different direction while the rest of her companions were settling down.

Kelly defied the beliefs of those who thought it was impossible for someone of her age to conceive a child since she was able to become pregnant. In a case of «now or never,» Kelly decided to seek in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy in Greece.
There, she started the process of becoming a mother by establishing a relationship with a sperm donor. She didn’t tell many people about the process and felt «weird» thinking about the possibilities. She said, «I fit my trips into my days off at work so nobody knew what I was doing – but I kept thinking how crazy it was that I could be pregnant.»

When Kelly found out she was pregnant, she was happy about this big change, but not everyone felt the same way. Her family was worried and didn’t agree with her choice to have a child at age 50 and by herself.

Kelly felt like her family and friends had turned their backs on her. Still, she didn’t give up because she thought it was time for her to be a mother.

The woman loved to talk about how her daughter was an «absolute angel,» and she was «overwhelmed with the joy of finally becoming a mom at 51.» But not everyone agreed, and many different opinions were floating around online.

Kelly’s whole life changed when Lyla Rae was born in March 2021. She knew she had made the right choice, and having a child was a dream come true. Kelly fell madly in love, and she said, «It really was love at first sight. I cried until my eyes hurt, it was a miracle. I didn’t think I could love as much as I did.»
Kelly thought she could be the best mom because she had grown up. She said, «Now I don’t feel the need to travel and go out to parties. I want to watch Lyla Rae grow up every single second.»

The Best Mother For Her Daughter

When Kelly decided to have a baby, her family and friends were worried at first, but once the baby was born, they changed their minds. The mother was grateful for their wonderful help and said, «They couldn’t be a better family.»

Kelly is eager to guide her daughter, and she knows that her life experience will help her as she grows. She doesn’t feel like she needs to rush her daughter’s growth, so she can take each day as it comes. The mother of one baby said, «I can only think about her because I’m happy with what I’ve done. Everyone is different, and I feel that way about how I started my family.»

Kelly is also happy to be taking care of her daughter by herself. She said that without a co-parent, she had more freedom and there were less fights. Little Lyla Rae is the apple of her aunt’s, cousins’, and grandparents’ eyes, so they do love and care for her.

Kelly also said that she would tell her daughter the truth about how she was conceived when she is old enough. Kelly was most happy that her daughter would know how loved and wanted she was. The mother said, «Lyla will know for sure that she is loved and how much I wanted her. She will know how far I went to bring her into my life.»

Kelly became a mother despite all the odds, and she absolutely adores her daughter every day. We hope they have a long, happy life together and make lots of wonderful memories.

What do you think about having a child at age 50 and taking on the hard job of being a parent? Please tell us what you think in the comments section.

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