Boy Rolls on the Floor in Stitches as Four Golden Retriever Puppies Shower Him with Snuggles — Too Adorable!

Is this what heaven feels like—puppy love?

In this heartwarming video, a young boy is filled with joy as he is surrounded by four playful golden retriever puppies who smother him with love and affection.

It’s absolutely adorable to see how the four-year-old is completely overcome with laughter as the pack of nine-week-old puppies playfully pounce on him, leaving the giggling toddler unable to get up.

Almost every day, Kristine Koroleva, the 28-year-old mother, gets to witness a familiar sight in their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

«It happens nearly every day,» she said.

This home seems like such a delightful place to grow up!


Puppies and a child’s gut wrenching laughs are the best🥰🐶🥺

♬ original sound — jujuB

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