A retired cop crafts lovely woodworks for others and gets a pleasant surprise in return.

This man’s beautiful woodwork might be sold for hundreds of dollars, but he chose to give it away for free.

East Idaho News and Ashley Homestore collaborated to provide its viewers «Feel Good Friday.» They get letters and emails from people nominating those who have made a difference in the lives of others. On exchange, these individuals will be featured in their show and get presents. This week’s «person of the hour» is Gary Hagan.

Gary spent 38 years with the Idaho Falls Police Department. He is a skilled woodworker who creates log beds for everyone who wants one. His work is of exceptional quality. His designs demonstrate his inventiveness and attention to detail. It should come as no surprise that he has been nominated for an award in this program. Someone, most likely a friend or neighbor, contacted East Idaho News and told them about Gary’s outstanding performances.

This retired police officer, according to the anonymous letter writer, made a nativity set for a church’s silent auction. The money would be used to send kids to summer camps. Typically, items in such auctions sell for $100 or less, but his nativity set sold for $2,000. In addition, he creates and distributes all of his wood carvings for free. He also accepts custom-made woodcraft requests and does not complain, despite the fact that the list is lengthy.

Unfortunately, Gary suffers from Arthritis, which makes it difficult for him to perform his duties. Despite this, his lovely wood crafts continue to make people happy. You have such a great heart for others!

So Nate and his team went to his house not just to pay a visit to this generous and smart man, but also to present him with gifts. He was astonished to see Nate and his television crew when he answered the door. He shares his home with his wife and their gorgeous white puppy.

Nate was perplexed as to why he was giving away his woodwork for free. What was he thinking? «It’s just for fun.» Since I retired, I’ve done nothing but that. «Come hang around at my tiny woodshop.» He said, «police work had its ups and downs, but this, this is very lovely, coz’ I’m not rainin’ on people’s parades.» Gary derives satisfaction from watching people happy. «I enjoy making people happy, and it’s even better if they have a respect for wood,» he says.

He puts in a lot of time and effort to perfect his craft. He recalls spending nearly 36 hours working on an angel for his nativity set. He worked on each item of the nativity scene for almost 16 hours. Consider how much time and work you put into each woodcraft just to give it out for free.

That is why he deserves to be rewarded and surprised with things he enjoys. Nate presented him with an Amazon gift card. He regularly receives his woodcarving supplies and equipment from there. Because he does not accept payment from others, he can buy supplies and tools for his craft for free. He also received gift vouchers to local restaurants to use on dinner dates with his wife.

Gary was grateful but humble after receiving the gift cards. «I really appreciate it,» he remarked. This is simply too much because…there is nothing more fulfilling than making someone smile.»

This kindhearted man faces his own set of challenges. His two daughters, as well as his sister, mother, mother-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, had all died recently. Despite his loss and suffering, his heart remained generous and willing to help others.

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