A 5-year-old daughter was assisting her blind father in earning a life. What they are doing currently

Nelson comes from a disadvantaged home and has known poverty since childhood. From a young age, he worked wherever he could to aid his parents. Because there was barely enough money for food, the boy skipped school and did not see a doctor.

He spent all of his spare time working on a coconut farm, which he still does today. Everything would be fine, but the man began to lose his sight over time. The man saw for several years after the birth of his daughter, but he soon went completely blind.

When the little girl was 5, she noticed how difficult it was for her father to move around and began to assist him. The girl began accompanying Nelson to work every morning and rapidly became his eyes. Because there are no other sources of income in the family, a guy must climb more than 60 palm trees every day to collect coconuts.

After seeing the touching video, many users began to share it with their friends on social media. More than 3 million individuals have watched the video. Internet surfers were eager to assist the breadwinner. Pepe was contacted by representatives from a charitable group.

The individual is now undergoing qualified treatment and may be able to partially restore his vision.

Representatives of the fund decided to help the family more and allocated funds to the man to open his own small business. Now Nelson no longer has to risk his life every day to earn a piece of bread for his family.

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