The twins are a year apart in age. This is how everything went down.

Twins are always thrilling and long-awaited events.

Our heroes’ birth was made even more remarkable by the fact that they are a year apart in age due to their birth dates.

And this is how it all played out.

Acari is where the unique twins were born (a suburb of Rio de Janeiro).

The truth is that they were born in different years, yet only three minutes apart…

Could you imagine?

At 23:10, Silva da Lima, the twins’ mother, arrived at the hospital with contractions.

She needed a cesarean section for medical reasons.

The woman was promptly taken to the operating room, where they assisted the children and mother.

Gabriela was born on December 31, 2019, at 23:58, weighing 2,460 kg and standing 47 cm, while her younger brother Rian was born precisely 3 minutes later, weighing 2,860 kg and standing 49 cm, but in 2020.

Because the children were born at 35 weeks of pregnancy, they were kept in the hospital for another week.

According to doctors, twin births are extremely rare.

Faustino da Silva’s family now celebrates the New Year as a true family event.

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