Darling Little Boy Assists Mommy in Making a Grocery List, But Everyone Is In Love With His Reaction

Little things in life can be life-changing for young children. It’s sometimes their pranks, sometimes their embraces, and sometimes it’s the questions they ask.

Fortunately for us, this mother saw fit to share an everyday snippet with her child, which warmed everyone’s hearts.

A shopping trip isn’t complete for this kid unless he has a list. Chrystal Logsdon’s youngest son assists her mother in making the grocery list.

«What do we require?» he inquires, taking up a pen and paper.

As mom continues to respond with item after item, her adorable son taps the paper and repeats her proposal in a lovely southern accent before looking up to request the next item.

Each item is articulated correctly and diligently recorded, from “tomatoes” to “strawberries” to “taco things.”

Thank you, Mom, for understanding the value of these moments and sharing your joy with us.

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