The bride breaks down when the groom forgets his vows during the wedding ceremony

Wedding films are usually emotional and make you cry, but this video of a man flubbing his wedding vows and the bride’s reaction has everyone laughing.

The wedding video begins with the groom amusingly misplacing the bride’s ring on her finger.

Andrew Engstrom responds by saying he’s been «scared of this his entire life,» and the officiant then makes a mistake when asking if he’d take the bride Melissa as his «waffley wedded wife.»

More jokes follow from the groom, who claims he would accept her as his «waffley, lawfully…and pancaky» wife.

Melissa lets out a tiny giggle, which is quickly followed by a full-on belly laugh, which causes the wedding guests to join in on the fun.

We believe God brought these two together in their happy marriage because they were made for each other.

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