When Baby Leo first gets his glasses and sees his mother, he has the most beautiful smile

I’ve discovered that people born with specific problems are frequently the happiest people I know. Perhaps it’s because they’ve never known anything else — the blind have known only darkness, the deaf have known only silence, and so on. But what if you could have changed that when you were a baby? What would be your reaction if you found yourself in this situation?

Take a look at this video of a baby named Leo. While his mother adjusts his glasses, Leo sits in a baby chair. He requires the glasses because he was born with Oculocutaneous albinism, a condition that affects his hair, skin, and vision. In terms of vision, he will benefit from the spectacles.

It’ll be fascinating to see what happens when he unexpectedly discovers he can see the world around him — including his mother. Leo’s reaction is delayed because he has been minding his own business since getting the glasses, but it eventually dawns on him that he is looking at his mother’s face.

He has the sweetest, goofiest, and sweetest grin. That makes his mother very happy. I’m sure she’ll remember this video moment for the rest of her life. Technology is amazing. Leo’s ability to use these spectacles at such a young age would make his life much easier.

Oculocutaenous albinism is extremely rare, affecting only 1 in 20,000 persons each year. Leo is fortunate to have a mother and father who adore him and wish to provide him with the finest possible care. Some newborns born in less developed countries may not have access to this and will be blind for the rest of their lives.

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