A 75-year-married couple discusses the secret to a strong relationship.

Everyone want to meet their soul mate, someone whose personality is a great fit for their own. When you meet someone, you are constantly trying to figure out if you are a good fit. When a relationship begins and love appears to develop, the same concern constantly arises: How can you construct a solid and long-lasting partnership?

This couple (both 100 years old) recently celebrated 75 years of marriage. A strong bond that has lasted the test of time. That’s why they chose to divulge their relationship’s secret.

Josephine and Alfred Waterfield are an exception in a world where marriages endure only a few minutes. They have been married for 75 years and are both 100 years old. He was a marine and she worked in a pub. Alfred knew the instant he saw Josephine that she would be his wife. In an interview, he stated that daily conflicts, not real quarrels, but little disagreements, were the key to a long life together.

Allen, their eldest son, stated, «My parents argue every day, it’s their secret.» Nothing major, just constant squabbling. Marriages that last that long are uncommon these days, so they’ve accomplished something nice, which is a wonderful thing. There is hope for everyone.»

This is an extraordinary, seemingly unachievable milestone of 75 years of marriage. So they celebrated in the most spectacular way imaginable, even flying their second son Brian from Perth to Northampton, UK, to commemorate the occasion.

«We always wanted to have a fantastic celebration for them, and we found a good time for everyone,» Allen says. «My parents were overjoyed that Brian and his family could make the trip from Australia.» It was an amazing experience. Mum and Dad had a great time. It was a fantastic party that exceeded all of our expectations. We all had a good day with family and friends.»

What do you believe is the true secret to forming long-lasting relationships?

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