A grocery store employee invites an elderly widower on a date so that he does not spend the Christmas alone.

Although many people seek solace in isolation, it is reasonable to say that there is a significant difference between desperately needed peace and quiet and feeling entirely alone. This is especially true during stressful moments in people’s lives, such as the holiday season. So, when a grocery store employee discovered that an elderly widower was possibly lonely, she decided to do something to brighten his day — and their story is truly poignant.

Ellie Walker, a 22-year-old Sainsbury’s employee, decided to do an appealing act of kindness. Edwin Holmes, who was 86 years old at the time their story began, was one of her most devoted customers at the grocery shop. After 45 years of marriage, Holmes’ wife died in the summer of 2006.

Most of his close family members lived in Australia, while he lived in England. In addition, the elderly man did not appear to have many close acquaintances. According to The Sun, Holmes appeared to have spent many days alone. Holmes, on the other hand, appears to have received care from Expertise Homecare Ltd and resides in sheltered housing.

So, in 2017, Walker made certain that Holmes would not be alone for long. After learning about the widower’s condition, the grocery store employee invited him to dinner, and it was a night neither of them will ever forget. Walker’s goodwill definitely moved Holmes, and Walker was overcome with emotion after seeing how grateful Holmes was.

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Walker was so moved by Holmes’ story that she knew she had to do something to cheer him up. Kiss 92.5 reports that she stated:

«I had the honor of going on a Christmas dinner date with a very special person last night.» Edwin is one of our most loyal clients, and despite not spending thousands of pounds, he is highly regarded by both staff and other customers. He has no direct family, and he stated a few weeks ago that he would spend Christmas alone with a frozen ready meal.»

Walker said the thought of Holmes «being on his alone at such a precious moment crushes my heart,» so she invited him to dinner. She went on:

«So, on behalf of Sainsbury’s, I went Edwin to the shop café for Christmas dinner last night.» He came in all suited up and gave me flowers. Such a fantastic evening with such a lovely man. I’m very glad I met you, Edwin, and thank you for brightening my life.»

Walker told The Sun, «He stated it was his first ‘date’ in 55 years and he was as scared as a kid.» I was moved to tears because I saw how much it meant to him. Speaking with clients and finding out how their days are going is the most essential part of my job for me.»

«The supper made me extremely happy because it was unexpected and I had very lovely company,» Holmes added.

Walker and Holmes have stayed friends and even meet for coffee on a monthly basis!

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