Children’s Choir Moves Judges to Tears With Original Song For Parents in the Army

It’s not every day that a talent show judge visits contestants; they have to be really good for that to happen. Simon Cowell, Britain’s Got Talent judge, surprised the Voices of Armed Forces Children Choir with a surprise visit, and they promised him they would give it their all in their audition.

We learn in the Gospels about God’s love for children, and we can’t help but feel compassion for these talented and amazing children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Today they will perform an original song written by one of their members and dedicated to their parents who serve in the Armed Forces.

The fact that they don’t see their parents every day or call them when they are in trouble or depressed speaks volumes about how brave these children are. When all of the kids began singing the song they wrote for their parents, the judges and audience couldn’t stop crying.

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