Twins celebrate their 80th birthday together, but their 103-year-old mother is the honored guest.

It was a special occasion for both of them, but all they wanted to do was celebrate their mother. Any birthday is worth celebrating, whether with family, friends, or alone.

It’s even more reason to rejoice when you reach 80 years old with your twin sibling and your 103-year-old mother is still with you. David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill live in Brunswick, Maine, and they are grateful and blessed to be able to celebrate it with their family.

They’re even happier that they were able to share their 80th birthday celebration with their centenarian mother. Helen Mosher was 103 years old when she died.

Few people can claim to have witnessed this. They had also just celebrated the start of a new year.

Helen had her twin children when she was only 23 years old. Many descendants followed. According to reports, she had 79 descendants when she was her age, and she was fortunate to spend her life with them.

David and Winnie, dressed in matching red sweaters, planned food and cake for the celebration. Helen prayed before they began eating, blessing her family and the country.

Their guests laughed and smiled as they sang «Happy Birthday» to the twins, who were joined by their mother. Helen has seen a lot in her life.
And one of the highlights was David and Winnie’s joint 80th birthday celebration.

She knew she had done an excellent job of self-care in order to live to be more than a hundred years old. She also did an excellent job raising her family and watching them grow.

Even though her children are already senior citizens, she was still worried about them, as any mother would be. Helen also loved to watch baseball and always kept a scoreboard during every game.

Was it her love for baseball that gravitated Winnie towards adding baseball to their lives when she married former Yankee Manager Stump Merrill?

Who knows?

But one thing is certain: Helen’s favorite baseball player remains «that handsome Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox.» Helen has 76 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren thanks to David and Winnie’s other sibling, Richard. Amazing.

It was wonderful that they were able to celebrate this milestone birthday and life event.

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Helen would be celebrating their birthday for the last time. Helen died 11 months after they celebrated this milestone. Helen died with no regrets.

Charles Mosher, her husband of 64 years and the love of her life, joined her in the afterlife. They celebrated her life as any close family would because she shared their lives with them.

And it is for this reason that they remember their family matriarch fondly. Watch the video below to see their special birthday celebration.

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