It took the artist two years to complete his dream home by filling it with doodles.

A famous artist realized his dream home by covering his entire house in doodles for two years.

Mr. Doodle, also known as Sam Cox, is a world-renowned illustrator. He rose to prominence in 2017 when he transformed an Appear Here pop-up into a live art installation at London’s Old Street Station.

Artist fills his house with doodles

Apart from being a famous artist, he had another lifelong ambition. He had dreamed of having a «doodle house» since he was a teenager. He was inspired by his childhood memories of cartoons and video games.

In 2020, he and his wife, Alena, purchased a 6-bedroom house in Tenterden, Kent.

The house’s seller did not want doodles on the walls, but he did not object to their request. The artist in him and his love of doodles took over, and he began drawing on every surface in the house.

Sam Cox and wife love doodles

Cox posted a two-minute stop-motion video of his doodle-covered dream house. He doodled on everything from the walls to the furniture and even the amenities, including the television, stove, and bath, which are all covered in black-and-white doodles.

Sam Cox and wife in their bedroom full of doodles

Cox claims that he did not plan any of his doodles, but he did create a theme for each room. The stairs are covered in drawings of Heaven and Hell, while the Hallway is crammed with Noah’s Ark creations.

His main bedroom is decorated in a «dream» theme, while his en-suite bathroom is decorated in a «sea» theme. It has 2,000 tiles with doodles of various sea creatures on them.

Mr. Doodle in his bath filled with doodles

“I had a rough idea of the theme but the individual doodles are spontaneous,” he said.

“My main inspiration still goes back to when I was a kid watching Tom and Jerry, Wacky Races and SpongeBob SquarePants, and video games like Crash Bandicoot. I always wanted to draw characters for video games.”

Mr. Doodle's kitchen

Cox revealed that he doodled with black acrylic paint and a bingo marker pen in four different sizes. For a more artistic result, he used spray paint on the outside property. He used 286 bottles of paint, 900 liters of emulsion, and 2,296 pens in total.

The first phase of his doodling project was difficult to complete and took two months. Nonetheless, the great illustrator was determined to complete it on his own. ‘It’s the longest project I’ve ever worked on. I wanted to say I did everything myself.’

Sam's television with doodles

He was proud to show the world his dream home, which he doodled without anyone’s help. “The whole house is real, everything is doodled, the doodles were all hand doodled for the animation it’s not CGI,” said Cox.

The artist shared an animation showing the outside of his house, including his doodled Tesla. The post said, “the world is getting doodled!” He said that he did the whole animation by himself, consisting of 1857 photographs that he took over the last two years.

Sam's house and car covered in doodles

Cox expressed his delight that his doodles now have a permanent home in the UK, and he and his wife intend to spend time in their doodle house in the coming weeks.

The only drawback is that curious neighbors couldn’t help but ring the doorbell to inquire about his doodle house. Fortunately, no one has objected to his doodles, so there is no need to change the look of his home just yet.

‘I’m unlikely to be persuaded to move, even if it was amazing money,” Cox said. ‘I’d feel sad leaving this house because it’s my first one.’

Outside Sam's doodle-verse home

The success of his dream “doodle” house inspired Cox to further spread his creativity by doodling more houses in his area and possibly making a “doodle” town.

“The completion of the house is just the beginning of my childhood dream to doodle the entire planet and to encourage the art world to recognize doodles as an art form,” Cox concluded.

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