38,000,000 views. Guys dancing in heels have not just conquered the UK, but the entire world

It appears to be pretty cool! Talent shows are incredibly popular programs nowadays. These projects enable ordinary people to demonstrate their creative potential. Anyone can demonstrate their vocal, dancing, and creative abilities in such programs.

The audition stage is where such projects are chosen. Participants on this tour demonstrate their abilities to the producers, who select the finest. This round of selection happens long before the live broadcasts. The chosen participants then demonstrate their abilities in front of the jury members.

They choose applicants who are deserving of further engagement in the project. If the judges are dissatisfied with the performance, any of them may press the red button. This project’s winner is decided by advancing through the semi-final and final rounds. The crowd has already chosen the finest of the best at these stages.

They are the ones who, through their votes, determine who is deserving of the big prize. It should be emphasized that several finalists became famous and well-liked artists after appearing on the show. It occurred to Susan Boyle, the famed Scottish singer who now owns her own production company.

The woman rose to prominence as a result of her appearance on the British version of the show. She was an ordinary homemaker before she arrived on the project. Her involvement in the talent competition gained her international notoriety and popularity. Our publication’s heroes are the men who demonstrated outstanding choreographic ability.

With their performance, they managed to astonish not only the audience, but also the jury members. It should be mentioned that they did an incredible dance sequence while wearing high heels. The concert itself, with their participation, was wonderful. The men’ remarkable choreographic ability may be seen in the video below.

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