After her husband’s death, a single mother of four works hard to provide for her children, and she receives $10,000 for Christmas.

After her husband was killed in a horrible freak accident, a single mother of four was forced to raise her four children alone. Months later, she received a significant sum of money as an expensive gift from a stranger.

Nothing is more devastating than unexpectedly losing a loved one. What made losing her husband even more traumatic for Abby Toone was that he died in a strange accident on their farmland.

When her husband Jon joined the United States Army Reserve as a specialist, Abby was overjoyed. During the war on terror, he aided the 19th special forces group before coming home to be with his family.

A Dream Crushed
Jon was in the middle of constructing his ideal home for his family. Through their new land, he and Abby planned to raise their children to be self-sufficient and productive.

Jon was working on a fence one day when he was stung by three wasps. He soon began to feel short of breath and his heart pounding out of his chest.

Jon’s first thought was to contact his wife, Abby. She dashed over to him and hastily contacted 911 to get to the site. Meanwhile, Jon drove as fast as he could to reach aid, but he could only get as far as a neighbor’s house.

A Tragic, Untimely Death
Jon collapsed in his neighbor’s home and ultimately died in Abby’s arms. Abby had hoped it wasn’t too late for Jon, but even though they tried to revive him at the hospital, it was unsuccessful.

Abby was suddenly widowed and a single mother of four little children, all under the age of ten. She was thrown into multiple positions at once, with a slew of additional obligations foisted upon her.

Abby and Jon adored each other. Jon left his life in Canada and obtained American citizenship in order to be with her, and he has done everything he can for his family. His death saddened Abby and their children to the point where they didn’t know how to live without him.

After Jon, there is life.
Working as a cosmetologist, Abby battled to pay all of their bills and put food on the table for their family. Although Jon had life insurance, it did not arrive quickly enough, and she needed to find other means to collect the money she and her children needed to survive.

It was getting close to Christmas when Jon died. Abby and her children would not only have to celebrate the special occasion without him, but they would also be unable to buy Christmas presents as they usually did.

Maintaining Kindness and Hope
Despite the abrupt upheaval in their lives, Abby stayed optimistic and attempted to help people as much as she could. She frequently gave free haircuts and makeovers to those who couldn’t afford them and continued to do so even after her circumstances altered.

What Abby didn’t realize was that her tale touched people all around the country, and many people wanted to assist her and her children live regular lives like they did before Jon died in such a horrific accident.

A kind anonymous donor surprised Abby with $10,000 during her first Christmas without Jon via East Idaho News. The Secret Santa requested that the gift be delivered to the family by a helicopter rather than a sleigh and reindeer.

Secret Santa’s Unexpected Gift
The news team is seen in a poignant video chatting to Abby, who bitterly recalls the loss of her spouse. Then, as her children encircle her, they are given a box to open together.

After seeing the check, her son became enthralled and began asking questions. «How much is it?» he inquired of her mother. When mom kept mentioning how much it was, her children began speculating on how much the check was worth. «100? 1000?» they wondered.

«Ten thousand,» Abby finally said in tears. Her children then said thank you, appreciating what the Secret Santa had given them. Abby couldn’t stop her tears while letting the viewers know how much she and her children appreciated the gift.

Abby’s children also rode the East Idaho News Helicopter, which they called «awesome.» There were big smiles on all four kids’ faces, and they went on to greet viewers a «merry Christmas» before heading back inside their home with their mom.

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