Denzel Washington, a devout Christian, warns of spiritual warfare in the last days.

Denzel Washington, a Christian actor, has some sound advise on spiritual battle and the end times. And what he says is quite powerful!

Actor Denzel Washington, a Christian, Has a Warning for the Last Days

Denzel Washington, a Christian, understands that Jesus must come first. However, such line of thought runs counter to the self-centered ethos of social media.

That is why two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington is warning people about the dangers of self-obsession.

Denzel Washington, a Christian celebrity, discusses egoism and the end times.
Nowadays, both older and younger generations are allowing social media and the internet to have a huge influence on their life. However, Denzel Washington, who sees himself as a «God-fearing guy,» reminds us that the sole source of truth is God’s Word.

This Is Spiritual Warfare': Denzel Washington Pinpoints Key Warning Sign of the  Last Days | CBN News

«This is spiritual combat. «I’m not looking at it from an earthly standpoint,» he added. «If you don’t have a spiritual anchor, you’ll be blown away by the wind and led to depression.»

Seeking validation on social media is a risky game. And actor Denzel Washington examined the world’s increasingly unhealthy «me first» mentality through a Biblical lens.

«The evil is within me,» the Christian celebrity stated. «The Bible says that in the latter days — I’m not sure if it’s the last days, it’s not my position to tell — we’ll be lovers of ourselves. Today’s most popular shot is a selfie, titled ‘Oh, me at the demonstration.’ ‘Me and the fire.’ ‘Come with me.’ «‘Listen to me,’ he said.

The Untold Truth Of Denzel Washington

«We live in a period when people would do anything to be followed,» Denzel stated. «What is the long or short-term effect of too much information? It’s moving quickly, and it can definitely be managed in a variety of ways. And they are herded like lambs to the slaughterhouse.»

Actor Denzel Washington is not the first Christian celebrity to speak out against the influence of social media. Joanna Gaines opened up about the pressure of social media and how it began robbing her of joy. And the issue inspired Kirk Cameron to produce a documentary educating parents on the positive and negative impacts of social media.

The bottom line, according to actor Denzel Washington, is to use social media as a tool, not a means of determining our self-worth.

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The best way to combat the pitfalls of social media is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. No amount of success or adoration here on earth will ever compare to what awaits us in Heaven. That is where we set our sites.

In Heaven, actor Denzel Washington stated, «there will be two lines — the long line and the short line — and I’m interested in being in the short line.»

For many people, updating and checking in on social media is a daily effort. However, we would be better served if we used that time to replenish our spiritual batteries through prayer, Bible reading, or other Christ-centered activities.

This Is Spiritual Warfare': Denzel Washington Pinpoints Key Warning Sign of the  Last Days | CBN News

«Every morning, you have to replenish that bucket,» Denzel added. «It’s a harsh place out there. You leave the house first thing in the morning. They’re coming, chipping away. You’ll need to refill that bucket at the end of the day. We know what is good and wrong.»

What a breath of fresh air to hear such faith-filled statements from a Hollywood star! There are so many distractions in this society, and Denzel Washington’s poignant message is yet another good reminder to put God first!

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