As «Roomba» chases after him, a cute otter squeaks for help.

Pet otters have become a worldwide craze thanks to Japanese otter cafes, and thankfully, keeping otters as pets is legal in Japan. These chirpy and adorable animals are thought to be pretty adorable in this lovely country.

Unfortunately, owning otters is illegal in many countries. As a result, many netizens enjoy catching a glimpse of these adorable animals online. Furthermore, many otter owners enjoy documenting their pet’s daily activities on social media. «KOTSTUMET,» his online username, is one such otter owner.

His hilarious videos featuring his two beautiful otters, Kotaro (male) and Hana (female), are adored by netizens all over the world. Surprisingly, these otters have captured the hearts of millions of people. Because of their gentle and cute personality, the adorable otters have gained enormous popularity.

Cute otter

The owner recently purchased a cleaning bot named «Roomba» for dry and wet cleaning of his home. Unfortunately, one day, Kotaro finds it difficult to wake up from his sleep. Soon after, he is awakened by his sister Hana. While scratching his back, the adorable Kotaro appears to be a toddler.

Hana exits the room and stands on her hind legs to investigate the source of a strange noise. A few moments later, the two otters wander around the living room, curious about their owners’ new cleaning machines.

Cute otter

The wet cleaning machine is the first thing the two inspect. The cleaning robot «Roomba» comes next. Hana is terrified of the Roomba and approaches it with caution. Fortunately, the roaming «Roomba» bot does not appear to recognize the otters as obstacles, and the hungry Kotaro must constantly avoid them. Despite the disruption, Kotaro begins to eat and drink at the same time.

Hana follows suit and finishes her meal. Aside from Roomba, there’s another strange cleaning «toy-bot.» The cleaning bots all adore pet otters. Kotaro is interrupted once more, but this time he ignores the strange cleaning equipment. Later, the otters decide to spend their day peacefully by playing with a sheet of toilet paper.

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