Kaya Aragon, a 9-year-old girl from Colorado in the United States, is unlike many of her peers. Instead of playing video games or watching funny videos in her spare time, she sews clothes for herself.

Her mother stated that she had taught her daughter to sew since she was five years old. She gave the girl a sewing machine two years ago. Kaya first learned how to sew fabric scraps together to make a patchwork quilt. She then progressed to more difficult projects, such as sewing a kitten cot and a purse. She then began making clothes for herself.

The young fashion designer enjoys working with soft and stretchy fabrics. Her mother describes her daughter as having a good sense of style. She has the ability to bring seemingly disparate elements together. She frequently shares photos of her daughter’s outfits on social media. They’ve already gotten over a million views.

Vera Wang, the famous fashion designer, was drawn to Kaya’s products. She sent the girl a sewing machine, a backpack, and a handwritten note wishing her success as a fashion designer. The girl framed the note and hung it on her bedroom wall.

The young designer is working on several projects. For example, at the request of her social media followers, she is sewing a skirt from a 1983 wedding gown, as well as clothes for her brothers, sisters, and friends.

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