You definitely recognize him: the chocolate bar kid, who is now 26 years old

All children like sweets.

Some people have sweet teeth, while others do not.

However, almost every child enjoys Kinder.

Everyone has seen his face, and there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t enjoy this chocolate bar.

Josh Bateson is the name of the boy who has grown up and celebrated his 26th birthday in January.

Josh, by the way, once took over for another advertising person — G. Euringer, who decorated the packaging for 30 years. He is a cinematographer, and he is already 50 years old.

15 years ago, Josh’s mom brought him to the casting. The boy was able to pass the audition and became the new face of Kinder. Soon he began to be recognized all over the world.

At the moment, the guy is blogging on Instagram and he is followed by more than 130 thousand subscribers, and he is also trying himself as a mannequin.

Josh went on to graduate from an English university and is an expert in international affairs and politics.

A young man frequently posts photos of himself with a chocolate bar on his Instagram account. They are the ones that his subscribers adore.

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